Nature provides a lot of generosity to the team contest station YE1C ORARI West Java since the beginning of the contest. In Malang Mt, Ciater, West Java, sunny weather and propagation was very good for two days during contest, especially at the high bands.

On the first day, netted: QSO 1541 while on the second day were : 1139 QSO

7,629,215 Claim the final score is a fantastic achievement by YE1C. A new history for the international contest station from Indonesia.

The equipments used were not much different from those used on previous activities, as follows:

– Transceiver: Icom IC 7800, Elecraft K3, Yaesu FT1000MP (vintage) and Kenwood TS930

– Linear amplifiers: Emtron DX3, Acom 1000

– Antenna TX:

– 2 pieces of full-sized wire dipole, homemade (for each of the bands 80m and 160m)

– 1 piece of full-sized aluminum tubing, homemade (40m, 1 element)

– KT36XA – Threebanders 6 elements

– Antenna RX

– Reversible Beverage made in Gary, KD9SV, the north and south direction, length 238m

– Single wire Beverage by Danu, YC1GCL, north / 30 degrees direction, length 176m

The operator involved were Anil YB1MBA (charge), Gus YB1ALL, Nyoman YB1NWP, Terry YC1KAF, Danu YD1GCL, Joz YD1JZ, Asep YB1KIZ, Pri YB0ECT and Jo YC0LOW with support team: Gun YB1LZ, Herry YC1HQQ, Rozalina YCMAM, Buce YC1BAH, Yayan YC1BTV, Damil YC1DML, Kasmuri YC1MRI, Sutrisno YD1OLG and Rizal YD1ORZ

We have the honor of visiting many friends, such as Ria YC0KVM, Sur YB0JS, Djuni YC1BGF and many others.

Thank you for all your attention and your support to YE1C.

YE1C Team



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